Warrior/Lover: Sexual Mastery Book

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Purchase the most intense & in-depth sex training book ever created, your sex life and keep your woman satisfied beyond her wildest expectations.

Here's the sad truth, most guys in relationships are stuck with a sex life that is constantly declining till there's no excitement or fun left in it. Sex with their girlfriend dwindles to something mechanical and automated, or nothing at all. In fact of men are in relationships where there women sleep with them, and are potentially cheating on them! Or men are stuck in an endless cycle of short relationships with woman after woman that all lose interest and leave him. I've met women who've said one of their main prerequisites for staying with a guy is how good he is in bed, and that they've vanished on a guy because of his mediocre bedroom skills.

let this be you! You can turn the sex you give your woman into a adventure, make her passionate about you, make her your sexual prowess over her, and  on your dick like it's its own love affair.

And if you currently don't have a relationship and/or aren't getting laid regularly.. do you want to make sure that when you meet the right girl, you how to keep her by f*cking her into emotional and sensory oblivion? Because if you aren't great at sex, you lose out on amazing women. Trust me, I know.

But guess what, there's something even important than any selfish reasons behind learning this skill set. In becoming a Warrior/Lover you will fulfill the greatest obligation to your woman you have as a man. You will strengthen her, inspire her, fulfill her emotionally, and give her erotic gifts that blow her mind, melt her heart and her panties, and put her in touch with her feminine core, even help her explore the divine.


Discover the "yin and yang" of Dominant versus Sensual touch and watch your woman utterly surrender to your physical control over her body. She will crave your touch and defer to her natural desire to surrender to a man that knows how to touch and manipulate her body the way you do. Learn the "bedroom gymnastics" that will make her succumb to orgasms and erotic experiences.

Learn how to use your woman's deepest fantasies and emotional instincts to create sexual adventures so riveting for her she's catapulted into sexual bliss/oblivion, whichever comes first. **

Learn how to modulate and control your voice in such a way, train and hone your voice in rhythms and tonalities, and bedroom verbal skills so tantalizing she'll do anything you want and fall completely under your hypnotic sexual control.

But don't worry! There is nothing immoral about this it is okay. With this ability you'll be able to make her feel more beautiful than she's ever felt before, more in touch with herself, more protected, and cherished. You'll learn how to melt her heart and tensions away, relax her, provide sexual comfort and rejuvenating energy that boosts her morale, keeps her happy, cements your bond as a couple, and keeps her coming back for more. You'll learn how to inspire and motivate your woman emotionally with the skills you develop in the bedroom that bleed out into the rest of your relationship with her.

Below are the real life experiences of women whose partners have utilized the array of sexual skills contained within this book:

“I was in another world, I didn’t know sex could be THAT good I CAN’T stop thinking about it.”

“I wish I could just carry a version of you with me at all times so I could just f*ck you whenever I felt like.”

“It felt like 1,000 volts running through my body.”

“I’ve never been so wet, it was so wet I couldn’t find my clit.”

“You are like a sex master, how did you get so good!?”

“Oh my god, I actually felt like I was there, I really felt like you were my client” (this was after a student got his girlfriend to role play as a stripper giving him a private lapdance, he was her 'favourite client' …it was in his room, ha!)

And here are just a few experiences from men (and even lesbians) who've utilized the sexual education contained within this book:

"She's cried during sex on two different occasions. This is the good kind of crying, the kind of crying where she's so overflowing with emotion that she has no choice. Mind you all of this is happening as she's riding me lmao!"

"I've gotten her really comfortable with me, this comes from being extremely non-judgmental of any sexual drives she has (which is a proponent of our training last year) as well as the the very deep level of validation I give her."

"Since going through the Sexual Mastery training, I'm that sexual experience that brings to life women's secret fantasies, and they don't have to say a word. It's because I know the difference between sex and Sex, what a women needs to be thinking and feeling to get aroused, and it is an art. I'm sexually skilled and versatile, I have intimacy, dirty talk, rough and soft touching, a lot of control over a girls body and when she orgasms."

"Girls masturbate to my sex texts, I sometimes write them fantasy scenarios in which I fuck her, or what I will be doing to her later this evening. I get a lot of enjoyment out of pleasing women, I've gone to lengths to make a girl orgasm 11 times in one night, I've sexually liberated a married women. It's needless to say, hearing "I've never been fucked like that before", is common."

"Her marks this semester were the highest they've ever been (in large part due to me motivating her), I completely eradicated her fear of public speaking."

*** "Midway through having sex she just starts spouting out this fantasy of how she wants to get another girl and force her to suck my dick, how she wants me to fuck this other girl as she eats my girlfriend out, basically describing an entire porno scene. This was already hot, she turns it up a notch and starts telling me to pick out one of her friends as I'm fucking her (I couldn't chose lol) she starts telling me how she wants me to fuck her best-friend, how she wants to watch that and touch herself, how she wants both of them to make out all over my dick. After getting kind of lost at all the amazingly dirty shit she was saying I come to and at this point I chime in again and start amping it up. Then suddenly she goes super silent, legs twitching, biting her lips, she comes super hard all over my dick."


Turn your bedroom into an erotic laboratory, make your woman dote on you and fulfill your every sexual whim and fantasy. Learn to talk dirty, treat her "roughly" and dominate her in ways you find incredibly erotic. Experience being "her master", "daddy", or healing lover, in ways the of men will never experience with a woman- and what women secretly crave from their men.

Make her to submit to your sexual demands, find pleasure in being your sex slave, fantasy, sex kitten, goddess, or debased whore, all without compromising her value, her sense of self, or making her feel unsafe. Learn to use fear as a tool of arousal, get in touch with your base primordial instincts, learn to ritualistically hunt her down and devour her the way she craves at her deepest core. Learn to "take her", bend her into whatever position you want, and ruthlessly dominate her body in ways she finds utterly delicious, while also being deeply amazing for you. Whether it's the naughtiest, dirtiest thing you've ever wanted to experience with her, or the soaring heights of human spiritual-sensory experience, you can create this with a woman.


Based on MW's world-class Sexual Mastery Course, which has changed and radicalized the sex lives of men and women around the world (yes, lesbians have taken the program), this book contains hundreds of pages and in-depth chapters on 1) the secrets to giving your woman amazing sexual experiences she'll never forget, and 2) becoming the master you were meant to be, in the bedroom and in your relationship.

Jake Gunn, known in the seduction and broader men's communities as "Manwhore" has been speaking at men's dating, relationships and self-development conferences since 2007. He has been a highly sought after commercial dating coach and seduction expert for close to a decade, and runs some of the most wildly successful one-on-one personal coaching programs in the industry. Whether enrolled in his world-renowned seductive charisma training program or sexual mastery program, the lives of his students are forever changed.

Before becoming a professional speaker and trainer, he was a military officer in the U.S. Army, and holds two degrees in Cognitive Science and Political Science from the University of California, San Diego.

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Available on February 28, 2019 at 8:00 PM
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Warrior/Lover: Sexual Mastery Book

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